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Kurfees® Paints are now

Kurfees® Paint and Gray Seal® Paint Brands are now one and the same. The same Kurfees products and colors you have come to know and trust are available in Gray Seal.

The Kurfees® quality line of paint products have been replicated under the Gray Seal® brand name. While the Kurfees® name has been re-branded, the same product quality and color selections are matched within the Gray Seal® family of products for your continued painting needs.

Established in 1897, Kurfees® provided a complete line of household paints, offering a wide range of interior and exterior house paint colors, and an established line of industrial coatings. Quite simply, the Kurfees® name represented the best house paints and industrial coatings on the retail market. In tests conducted by independent laboratories, Kurfees® paints repeatedly proved that they hide better, cover more thoroughly, last longer, scrub better, stand up to abuse longer, resist fading better, and provided far and away the best value for the money. An active research and development lab worked to insure top quality and product innovation. This still continues to this day. Kurfees® Fresh Air Formula line of odor free interior paints was first offered in 1993 and became an industry standard fiercely popular with consumers. Fresh Air Formula has been improved and remains better than competitive offerings, and is now sold under Gray Seal's® Extraordin-aire™ brand name.


For more information, reference our Kurfees to Gray Seal offset chart

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